myK is an Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software platform. myK allows to easily create feedback collection forms, administer them on multiple channels (Internet, telephone, face-to-face), integrate them with other sources, such as master data and KPIs, and analyze them altogether in a simple and quick fashion.
myK creates a two-way 24/7 communication channel with all your interlocutors, it allows you to deeply understand them, get the insight and early intercept emerging issues.
myK enables to timely undertake effective actions and measure their effectiveness real time.

myK has a brand new website!

We renewed myK website. It is not make up, it is revelation!
You will find what myK is, what it does and why it is different expressed in a clear and simple fashion.
You will see how market researches and process optimization tools can coexist.
You will also find a transparent presentation of our offer.

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An even better myK: here are the new features of version 3.2!

myK new version offers some interesting and distinctive features:

  • 360° Logics. Do you believe that conditional logics are useful when creating a questionnaire?
    These are functions that allow you to modify questionnaire navigation depending on answers to certain questions.
    Well, myK goes much further than this!
    You can program myK to automatically fill fields, make calculations and even trigger events.
  • New Receivers Module. Do you have a master data file and are afraid you have to modify it before uploading contacts on your EFM? Do you think you will have to enter them one by one?
    With myK you can leave all these doubts behind!
    Upload contacts and all associated information from your master data without modifying them.
    Utilize master data in the analysis and progressively enrich your contacts' profiles.
    You can even use myK to keep your master data always up to date.

Challenge: myK enhances service quality management in the hotel sector

Hotel chains have recently introduced procedures to gather feedback from their guests. In most cases feedback management is paper-based and presents several issues:

  • times are long and do not allow timely reaction to reports of issues and suggestions;
  • data quality and reliability mainly depend on the honesty and good will of local management;
  • feedback analysis does not allow to identify and understand possible relationships with KPIs;
  • costs are high, staff would be better used other- wise, not to mention the environmental impact;
  • guest's feedback experience is often poor as forms are too long and require information which should be known by the hotel management or do not apply to the specific case.

myK integrated with IT systems allows to create customized forms for each structure and guest, administer them via e-mail immediately after checkout or print them for manual filling.
myK automatically triggers events when certain conditions are verified, e.g. if total quality score is insufficient, myK sends an email to the hotel director with guest's feedback and contact information.
Finally, myK automatically processes custom, real-time reports, which can be shared with the hotel directors either on the Intranet or via email and eventually utilized in their compensation process.

Partners: myK with Value Team for the feedback tool of an Internet portal

Since last September, Concept/myK and Value Team, the IT consulting and solutions subsidiary of Value Partners, have started to evaluate cross-selling opportunities. The first concrete opportunity appeared when a leading Italian online advertiser asked Value Team to develop a solution aimed at creating structured feedback forms and accessing gathered data in a simple fashion, eventually creating analytical dashboards.

Value Team presented a myK-based solution, which is:
  • Flexible: allows to create, for the different websites, feedback forms with the same content, but different look&feel and can be extended to other feedback- (and data- more broadly) collection campaigns.
  • Reactive:sends courtesy emails to visitors completing the questionnaires;
  • Analytical:archives information on DB, allows to filter and export data and to make researches using an engine for multidimensional analysis and enables to cross feedback with navigation data (e.g. Browser, IP, access page to feedback, etc.) and to external sources (e.g. registered users master data);
  • Easy:easily integrates within the client's single sign on (SSO) architecture and directly sends problem reports into the client's ticketing tool, through API sharing.
Comprehensiveness and flexibility of the solution on the one hand process consulting skills and consolidated methodologies on the other have allowed to effectively respond to customer needs.

Value Team
Value Team, the IT consulting and solutions subsidiary of Value Partners, is a leading ICT player focused on providing innovative solutions that cover the entire IT value chain. It serves major organizations working in the areas of Telecommunications, Media, Defense, Retailers, Financial Institutions and Industry worldwide. Value Team employs more than 3,000 professionals in Italy, Brazil, Finland, UK, Turkey and Germany. Value Team web site.

myK landed in Silicon Valley

Since October 1st, myK has opened a Sales Office in San Francisco. We landed in Silicon Valley with two objectives:

  1. look for business opportunities in the US - the largest market for Enterprise Feedback Management, and
  2. breathe the wind of innovation in IT and feedback in order to guide the development of our product.